ROMA - F*CK CANCER Shirt - Size Medium - PRE ORDER

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Here’s the deal. Aaron, the owner of ROMA Collectibles, was recently diagnosed with cancer. And let me tell you, these medical bills are something else. Sure we have insurance, but that only covers so much. So to help offset the rest of these medical bills, we give you… 

The official ROMA F*CK CANCER shirt. 

1) I love designing new ROMA shirts, so this was a no brainer

2) It really helps out a small business, as these bills were not originally on our 2024 bingo card.


3) Truth be told, i don’t think we’ve ever had an angry Yeti Guy on a shirt… So that's somethingand he is p*ssed.

So don’t miss out on this!

Sizes range from Medium to 5XL

All proceeds of these shirts will go towards fighting the good fight, and helping with Aaron’s ever growing medical bills.


THIS IS A PRE ORDER Once we get a final number of how many people want a shirt, we will place the order. this could take up to a month. But rest assured, you will get your shirt. Otherwise, Yeti Guy will get even more p*ssed.