GLYOS: Warlords of Wor - ROMA Exclusive SEA DEMON - Man Or Monster Studios GI Joe Inspired

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THE SEA DEMON. Produced by ManOrMonster Studios in conjunction with their Warlords of Wor toy line, we give you the newest member of Captain Cobrus’s Eliped henchmen. The Sea Demon. A Vile creature created to be the deep sea’s apex predator.
THE SEA DEMON is part of the GLYOS System of toys, and uses the same method of construction as other Warlords of Wor style figures.
He stands 2.5" tall, comes in a clamshell packaging with ID card, and has an assortment of extra parts and pieces. Included is three alternate heads, two alternate chests, multiple alternate hands and tentacles, a trident, a pet Manta Ray, and Onell HUB set to create his scuba tank. (Alternate portriats can be seen in the comments section of the original post)
THE SEA DEMON is factory produced, and will be extremely limited to only x125 produced. Even with a limit of x1 per person, this is sure to sell out fast. It will be sold simultaneously at 10am EST on June 26 at both the 2021 JoeFest at the ROMA booth, and on our website